Every city in the world would have it’s pest problems and companies that try to deal with the demand. Texas is no different. We share our world with a large variety of animals, and however nice they may be to admire we do not necessarily want to share or is it safe to share our spaces with them. We offer relief to our home and business owners with professional services such as dead animal removal, fecal removal, and animal damage control . Every job includes a full inspection of your property, followed by a custom wildlife removal plan tailored to your specific situation. To protect your home or business from wildlife, it is best to first learn about these pests, their behaviors, steps for prevention, and contact Stellar Pest & Wildlife should an infestation occur. Should you find yourself with an animal not included within our list of serviced removals, it does not mean that we do not remove them, there are simply to many animals to list simply give us a call and we can provide you with all og the necessary information.

Humane Wildlife Removal

Stellar Pest and Wildlife is proud to provide humane wildlife removal service to Texan homeowners and businesses.

This is a two step process. First step is to remove the unwanted animal through humane trapping and our second step after removal is to make sure it cannot get back in by protecting weak spots such as roof vents, and repairing any damage that has occurred.

Live Trapping and Relocation

Live trapping is usually done to remove wildlife from homes and building structures where general release systems and prevention methods may not work. Live trapping is a very effective solution for animal pest problems because live traps are designed to humanely remove specific animals rather than eliminate the animal. These animals are all caught with either soft catch traps, these traps have rubber padded jaws or baited cage traps for catch and release cases.

Here at Stellar Pest and Wildlife, we understand you do not want to hurt any creatures living in or around your home. You just want the animals out and further damage to your property to end! Our highly professional wildlife control technicians can safely relocate animal pests with our live trapping devices. You will have peace of mind and the animals will be safe.

How to Prepare for Our Visit

To prepare for a Stellar Pest and Wildlife’s wildlife removal, you should gather the following information:

* A list of any places that you have seen a pest animal on your property

* What type of animal is residing on your property

* Any animal tracks or trails on your property

* Any damage to your property whether that be structural, electrical or damage to your gardens, shrubs or trees

In order to prepare your home or business, you should:

* Box up or cover any outdoor furniture in areas that are going to be treated

* Keep all pets and children in your home

* Cover or remove all valuable possessions and antiques that could be damage in your yard

* Remove or properly store all food items

* Properly dispose of any garbage and properly lid garbage bins

Some of Our Work

We promise to treat your home or business like we would our own! We use only the best materials, and will provide you with a professional, honest and custom service plan fitted for you, guaranteed. Find out why we have been awarded with Best Pest Control of Plano 2018 & 2019 and Best Pest Control of Princeton.

Let’s Get Started

Our technicians are licensed experts with extensive experience in pest removal and property remediation. Contact us today to set up an appointment with our team and learn how we can help you solve your pest problems.