Birds are a natural part of our ecosystem and most make a bird-watchers’ pastime worthwhile. However, there are some bird species considered pests around your home or business, and if this is the case, it’s important to learn which are pest birds. To protect your home or business from birds, first learn about these pests, their behaviors, steps for prevention, and contact Stellar Pest & Wildlife should an infestation occur.

Which Birds Are Considered Pests?

There are currently over 1,000 different species of birds that reside in the U.S. While many experts and bird-watching enthusiasts would agree that most birds are highly valued, some species are considered pest birds due to their detrimental impact on property and local ecosystems throughout Texas.

National, state, and local regulations protect many migratory birds throughout the U.S. However, birds commonly seen as pests in Texas, are usually invasive species, and therefore not protected by national ordinances. These pest birds are the most common subjects of our bird control products and services. These usually include:

Common Pigeons

While some species in the Columbidae family are protected, the common pigeon in Texas is not. Also known as rock doves or rock pigeons, these birds are plump with short legs and small heads. Although plumage coloration varies, rock pigeons commonly sport light gray feathers with black bands on the wings and iridescent plumage at the throat.

House Sparrows

While House sparrows may look similar to many native North American sparrows, common house sparrows were introduced to North America in the 1800s and are therefore considered an invasive species. House sparrows are stocky, compact birds with short beaks. Females are buff and brown on top and light gray on their necks and stomachs. Males tend to feature a reddish-chestnut color within banded black patterns on their wings.

European Starlings

Much like house sparrows, European starlings were introduced to North America in the 1800s and tend to nest and congregate in developed areas. Starlings have long, narrow bills and glossy black and iridescent feathers. In winter, they also have white spots contrasting with the black plumage (which is widely believed to be the origin of their name).

How Do I Prevent Birds?

Some preventive bird control measures can stop these animals from becoming a problem in your home or business. Like all birds, pigeons, sparrows, and starlings gravitate toward ready food sources. Therefore, the best way to prevent them from taking over your home or business is to avoid making their preferred meals available. Keep garbage impossible to access in lidded containers. If you have bird feeders around your yard in order to attract local bird species, limit them to food that only the native species eat. Avoid common commercial birdseed mixtures that include cracked corn, sunflower seeds, and suet.

It is helpful to discourage pest birds by limiting nesting areas that they’d like. European sparrows especially love to nest in the eaves, rafters, pipes, and gutters around homes. Keep sheds and garages closed, and seal up birdhouses that you might have during the migratory season. The majority of pest birds in Texas are not migratory and therefore tend to grab nesting places before native, migratory birds return to the nest.

How to Prepare for Our Visit

To prepare for a Stellar Pest and Wildlife’s bird control treatment of your home or business, you should gather the following information:

* A list of any places that you have seen birds gathering on your property

* Any nests

In order to prepare your home or business, you should:

* Box up or cover any outdoor furniture in areas that are going to be treated

* Keep all pets in your home

* Remove any available food such as bird seed, bread or other organics

* Dispose of any sitting water such as in dishes, planting containers, gutters or other drainage.

* Repair any holes in walls, around baseboards, or doors that don’t seal properly (apartment residents should report these to management for repair).

* Remove any clutter

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