Commercial Services

No matter what business you are in, pests can wreak havoc to your infrastructure and your business’ reputation. The financial impact on business from pests and rodents is staggering with over $20 billion in direct costs associated with the damage of property, not including the indirect costs such as the loss of customer confidence and employee morale. Commercial pest control presents challenges that simply do not exist in a residential environment. The steps you take to control rodents, flies or any pest in a residence are vastly different to commercial pest control which is is why, adequate planning, experience, and expertise are needed in dealing with a commercial pest problem.

With decades of experience, Stellar Pest and Wildlife offers our commercial clients pest management programs with innovative solutions. Our unmatched customer service with state of the art technology effectively protect your business and brand while freeing you of your pest problems.

Facility Management

Insects, rodents, birds or other critters can interfere with your best effort to protect your facility.

When you partner with Stellar Pest and Wildlife, you can expect a proactive approach, focusing on prevention. After a complete site analysis, our trained technicians prepare an Integrated Pest Management report. We will suggest immediate and long-term strategies to help keep pests out.

Healthcare Facilities

Without exception, pest control is a primary concern for every health care facility, from the suburban doctor’s office to the high trafficked hospital of the inner-city. As such, it helps forms the foundation of your facility’s overall sanitation plan.

Our objective is simple: to protect not only your environment, and facility, but most importantly, your patients, residents, and staff. Our Pest Management System ensures Consistency, Accountability, Responsiveness, and Effectiveness: in short: CARE.


Discreet Service For Your High-Profile Property

Your guests demand the absolute best in sleeping accommodations when away from home. With Stellar Pest and Wildlife, our services will meet and exceed your expectations. Our preventative approach from general pests like ants, spiders, flies, and cockroaches will help provide a peace of mind to you and your tenants.


With state and federal regulations widely enforced, and businesses subject to stiff penalties for non- compliance, we can all agree manufacturing facilities are held to the highest sanitation standards.

With such an emphasis on sanitation, any shutdown due to pests can cause irreparable damage, hurting revenue and brand reputation. That’s why a preventative pest control program should be at the core of any comprehensive sanitation program.

Property Management

When it comes to multi-unit residential dwellings, a minor pest can quickly escalate into a major nuisance.

And we understand, as a property manager, you’re looking for service options that will prevent and eliminate pests, while protecting your residents, tenants, and property.


Manage your Restaurant, Not Your Pests. Our program is developed and customized for a range of facilities, including a chain food store, fine-dining restaurants, institutional food service or any food service management system in need of a long-term strategy against pests.

Our program helps deter common foodservice industry pests including flies, rodents, and cockroaches reducing the risk of exposure, preventing pests from annoying patrons causing health code violations, and spreading harmful bacteria and other diseases.

Warehousing & Storage

The Warehousing and Logistics Industry Has Unique Pest Control Needs

Long-term storage is often unattended, which can lead to free range for certain pests.

Without proper controls, a couple of pests can multiply to become large populations in a short amount of time. Stellar’s targeted Integrated Pest Management for the warehouse industry helps ensure that will not happen.

All Aspects Covered

Eco Friendly

All of our products that we use are Eco Friendly and good for the environment.


We specialize in the humane removal, rescue, and relocation of wildlife.


All of our services are designed to achieve a permanent result, this is what sets us apart.


All of our products that we use are Eco Friendly and good for the environment.


We bring eco-friendly methods that work to your place of business. No more poison, no more weekly visits with no reported results.

Clean & Tidy

All of our products that we use are Eco Friendly and good for the environment.

Our Commitment

Because every business, building, and facility is unique, your custom-tailored pest management solution will be designed to specifically addressed the needs of your business. Our commitment is to deliver the following to all our business customers:

* Scheduled routine treatments and inspections
* Information and advise on the pests being treated
* Full documentation and a detailed reporting
* Professional and friendly customers service
* Competitive pricing
* Full risk assessment
* Fast response times
* Efficient service
* Discreet service

Emergency Services:

Our Emergency services are offered at request within 48 hours with NO TRIP CHARGE. We believe in good service, what we don’t believe in is trip charges to inspect and possibly treat for dangerous pests that pose a potential threat to you, your staff, or your tenants.

Regular Services:

Our pest control solutions are completely tailored to your business needs. We can provide service weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly. These services will be performed working off of a logbook provided by us, where you can log pest issues noticed and where they are located on your property.

All Seasons Coverage:

Our service never ends! We work year round to keep you covered. We treat both the interior as well as your exterior of your property as needed on regular service visits. All occasional invading insects will be covered under your service plan with the exception of Bed Bugs, Termites, and Rodents.

Let’s Get Started

Our technicians are licensed experts with extensive experience in pest removal and property remediation. Contact us today to set up an appointment with our team and learn how we can help you solve your pest problems.