Mosquitoes are one of those unfortunate insects that are not only annoying, but they can also be dangerous disease-carrying pests. Mosquitoes are quite small but you’ll know when they’re around because of their irritating, itchy bites. While the bite of a regular mosquito is irritating, there are some mosquito species in Texas that are invasive and can carry diseases like the West Nile virus, Yellow Fever, and even the Zika virus. Even the bite of a domestic common house mosquito can get irritated, and lead to an infection. To protect your home or business from mosquitos, first learn about these pests, their behaviors, steps for prevention, and contact Stellar Pest & Wildlife should an infestation occur.

What Are Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are small flying insects with a dark, slender body, filmy wings, and three pairs of long delicate legs. Female mosquitoes come equipped with an elongated mouthpiece that is designed to pierce the skin of humans and mammals so they can feed on their blood. This blood helps to stimulate the production of their eggs. The actual bite of the mosquito is generally painless. It is the saliva introduced during the biting process that causes an itchy reaction later on.

How Did I Get Mosquitoes?

Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water, either in the damp areas surrounding rivers, lakes, or ponds or in areas around humans where standing water has collected. If you regularly leave buckets filled with water, birdbaths out in the spring, or have low patches in your lawn or parking lot that collects water, you can expect that it will quickly become a haven for mosquito eggs. Mosquitoes are very tenacious and will lay their eggs in tiny amounts of standing water.

Mosquito control in Texas starts with emptying all standing water around your home or business and taking steps to make sure it doesn’t build up again. Many of the disease-carrying species of mosquitoes prefer to breed in these man-made containers rather than in natural wetlands, so they can be closer to humans.

How Do I Prevent Mosquitoes?

The best way to prevent mosquitoes is to ensure there is no standing water on your property. Walk around and dump out water from containers. By taking control of their breeding ground, you can cut off the mosquito eggs and larvae before they can hatch into full-grown adults.

After you’ve removed all the standing water, take steps to ensure that water cannot collect again. Store empty containers indoors, and work with your neighbors to get rid of standing water throughout your neighborhood.

How to Prepare for Our Visit

To prepare for a Stellar Pest and Wildlife’s mosquito treatment of your home or business, you should gather the following information:

* A list of any places that you have seen a large amount of mosquitoes bed bugs on your property

* Any standing pools of water

* Whether or not any member of your household has been bitten and approximately where they were on the property

In order to prepare your home or business, you should:

* Box up or cover any outdoor furniture in areas that are going to be treated

* Keep all pets in your home

* Cover or remove all valuable possessions and antiques that could be damaged from the spray from your yard

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